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Children’s House at Holly Hill Montessori is one of the best kept secrets in Germantown. If you are looking for a caring and nurturing, yet academically challenging program, this is the best that we have found in the upper Montgomery County area. The Montessori Method is used in a flexible way to meet the needs of each child, and the children are encouraged and supported as they move at their own pace through the year. One of the most critical benefits is the low student-teacher ratio. The environment is also calm and respectful, without discipline issues found in larger classrooms. Our daughter thrived in the close-knit environment at Children’s House. Her needs were supported emotionally and academically, and at 4.5 years old, she could read chapter books, write her own stories, draw detailed pictures, count to 1000, do addition, subtraction, and multiplication, and most importantly, grow in confidence and emotional development. We are very grateful to CHHH for providing such a warm and loving environment for our daughter during these tender years.

Debbie Soloman

Our son attended Children’s House at Holly Hill Montessori for preschool and kindergarten (ages 3 – 6). While we believe in the Montessori teaching, we were worried about the large classroom sizes that most schools offer. Our son is shy in larger groups and we were worried that he would not do well if he was overwhelmed and over-stimulated by the noise of too many kids. The small environment at CHHH helped our son socially and emotionally, and he was able to play and learn with a diverse group of friends. We were very impressed with Jordan’s growth and development over the three years there. We had no doubt that he was well-prepared for first grade. Although he was the youngest in his first grade class, his teacher stated that he was very mature and respectful for a child his age. Mid-year, he was advanced to second grade classes. I truly believe that this had a lot to do with his attending Montessori at Children’s House at Holly Hill.

Elizabeth and Jeffrey Kazaka

My son was in the first batch of students from Children’s House at Holly Hill Montessori. The environment was completely prepared with all the learning materials and the atmosphere was very nice and clean There was wonderful outside equipment for the kids to play and enough room to run We were very impressed. The small class size enabled the teacher to spend time with every child. My son is in second grade now but has been placed in a third grade reading and math class. We had a wonderful experience at CHHH and my son remembers it very fondly because the friends that he made at Children’s House at Holly Hill are still his best friends.

Sudha Mantha

Children’s House at Holly Hill Montessori was the perfect fit for our son, as well as our family. The nurturing staff, balanced curriculum, and multifaceted approach foster a wonderful community of learners. We highly recommend Children's House at Holly Hill's Montessori environment to anyone seeking a loving and challenging Montessori program. We are very proud of our son’s many accomplishments and witnessed significant growth in the areas of social and academic development. He was very well prepared for his next step in the elementary level.

Kate and Faisal Amin

Children's House at Holly Hill Montessori is my daughter's first preschool experience and she is thriving. The teachers are warm and insightful in their approach with both students and parents. The small class size provides more opportunities for direct feedback on my child's progress and overall well being. My daughter is not only learning content related to the school curriculum but also life skills that will benefit her in the years to come.

Seong Ko

We could not be more pleased with our decision to enroll our daughter in your school. She is happy and fulfilled everyday. We believe you are genuinely concerned about the growth and nurturing of each child. We are impressed at every turn with the professionalism, respect and joy evident in the staff. Thank you for your part in making our daughter’s early education experience satisfying, comfortable, challenging and safe.

Amy Bee